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[Ganked from an email I sent out earlier:]

It is finished! I have now culled, reshelved/reorganized, and catalogued my entire personal library:

While this was largely done because I needed more shelf space, and for years I've wanted to catalog my collection--it also serves a larger far more practical, and I dare say more noble purpose:

How many times over how many years have how many of y'all said to me at birthdays and holidays, "well, I wanted to get you a book, but I just didn't know if you had it already..." Well fear not! the catalog is websearchable by author, title, and even ISBN! and it even has a handy portal website for your cellphone!! ha ha!!

Here is the mobile website:

A test site, if you'd like to play with it on your PC:

Now, its off to bed I go...


my username is "bohannon"

this really isn't a plea for more books... as you can see from my "unread" tag, I still have quite a number of books to read. Its more of a "look at this cool, geeky, stupid web toy I found!" It really is a fun site--particularly given their algorithm to compare libraries based on the relatively obscurity of titles. This allows you to find libraries similar to (but never exactly matching) your own library and hence to find titles that you don't have, but may be interested in... its all these extra statistical and sorting toys, er, tools, that make the site fun. Check it out.

yes, yes it is tempting to go ahead and catalogue those three boxes of books I've decided to donate to the Baltimore Bookthing so that I can break the elusive millenial mark. But no, I will stay satisfied, for now, with a mere 960 volumes...

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