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February 2007
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Bohannon [userpic]
She Said Yes!

So, on December 23, 2006 I asked, and Meredith said yes! I didn't want to post anything until I could add, that we've set a date: July 28, 2007.

Here's the story for those who'd like to know:

Meredith and I have been dating for two years now. I've been, seriously, trying to get things in order to propose since February or so of '05. In any event, by Thanksgiving I was more or less ready to go. I made an appointment to have dinner with her Dad, and another to have saturday brunch with her mom (using the excuse that I was going shooting with a buddy-ha!).

12 days before the day, I gave her one rose. The next, 2. The following, 3... And you ought to see the pattern by now. And yes, it was inspired by the whole 12 days of Christmas song. My thought was that this would give Meredith a clue as to what was coming, while at the same time building a bit of suspense.

On day twelve, we flew out to CA to have Christmas with my family. As we were leaving at 4 AM, i teased her about packing her dozen roses with my checked luggage. That was a bad idea. Apparently that joke doesn't work at 4 AM. Although, it was funny to watch volunteer to help load the luggage into the trunk when we finally landed in CA--obviously thinking the roses might be hidden back there...

In any event, I had gotten tickets ahead of time for us to check out the newly remodeled Griffith Observatory in LA. We parked at the zoo and took the shuttle up to what is undoubtedly one of the best views in the US--all the way from Pasadena and Azusa to the east, past downtown to Hollywood (including hte infamous sign), Malibu, the Pacific, and Santa Catalina Island. It was on one of the balcony's behind the observatory that I got down on one knee and asked.
And she said yes.

She was totally surprised. As she tells me, she spent all day wondering where the damn roses were, and was to distracted to think that anything else might be coming... Of course, once the shuttle down the mountain got us back to the car, I took out the dozen roses from the trunk that my family had hidden there for me before we left.

Here's a picture of Meredith and I from the next morning. My step-father accidently opened the camera and overexposed the film (sorry).

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As to #1

As to #2
Well, I didn't really ask for permission. When I first contemplated doing this, there were a great many things I tried to slyly bring up with Meredith over the course of many different conversations. One of them was, if she wanted me to ask permission, and if so, of whom... Turns out that she didn't want that happen. She's an adult and doesn't like the idea of a suitor needing to be approved by Daddy. Fine enough.

Nonetheless, you're right, I am a traditionalist. And I felt the need to at least let her parents know of my intentions ahead of time, and show them some level of respect.

Frankly, what it comes down to is that getting married has very little to do with the couple themselves. The couple is what it is, and the individuals have the relationship that they have, whether they are married or not. Yes, marriage changes things for them, but not as dramatically as it does for everyone else. There really is very little that individuals within a relationship can't do to/for each other unmarried that they can once married. Marriage is not primarily about how the individuals in a pairing relate to each other; rather it is about society recognizing what exists between those individuals and changing how it relates to them. On that level, asking her is clearly important and necessary (is she willing to have how she's viewed and treated by society changed)--but so is at least acknowledging her family and the impact it would have on them...

So when I met with her folks, my goal was not to ask for permission. I was aiming to let them know that I acknowledge the importance of their daughter in their lives, and of them in hers; and that what I intended on doing was going to be an dramatic change not only in Meredith's and I's lives, but theirs as well.

As to #3
Yeah... well, now that you're birthday and my getting engaged are weirdly linked in my consciousness, I doubt I'll forget next year...

As to #4
Hey! I have quite aways to go before I catch up with the Ghjergi's.