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Sandi Thom

Anyone know anything about Sandi Thom (other than the near useless drivel on Fark)?

I must say that from the little I heard of her first single off her website, I do like her voice...

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I'm Nicola Tesla! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

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April Fool's Day (observed)

Being the good state employee that I am, I long ago learned the invaluable lesson that a holiday which falls on a weekend doesn't count. But, that such unfortunate holidays are not lost to us, but are reborn as "observed holidays" on one of the work days tagged to that weekend. Hence, today is in fact April Fool's Day (observed).

Beneath the cut are two pics of how I looked when I left for work today...

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So Saturday is April Fool's Day... which means that tomorrow is April Fool's Day (observed)--because after all, what good is a holiday if it doesn't impact your professional life?

...plans which I put in place weeks ago are now in motion... 2 out of the 3 significant steps have been finished. At this stage, all is done that must be done, all that remains is "frosting on the cake" so to sepak.

Broo ha ha, ha ha, ha ha!

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Check this out, far far [too] amusing:
Pipecleaner Dance

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Picnic In DC

So yesterday afternoon was fun. I went and had a picnic in DC with my girlfriend. Its cherry blossom time, so it seemed like it would be fun. We sat underneath a cherry tree down by the tidal basin (across from the Jefferson Monument) and lunched on brie, dry salami, fresh sourdough, and merlot. There weren’t that many blossoms out when we arrived, but there were noticeably more when we left. So, I imagine that the forecasts of today being “peak day” were probably spot on. If you can, I highly recommend checking it out.

* * *

It was very amusing to watch people’s reactions to our picnic, and startling to realize how it tended to break down by age: from the looks of mild jealousy from certain peer-aged couples (the why-aren’t-we-having-a-picnic-too look), to the shocked horror of certain middle-aged mothers to see a brazenly open bottle of booze, and the occasional query from a boomer if we’d thought to bring an extra glass or two.

Of course it would have been nice to avoid the crowds entirely, but, its DC--the only time I've ever had any privacy at the Jefferson Monument and the tidal basin has been at 2 or so in the morning... And its still far to cold this time of year for a midnight picnic.

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Which HP Kid Are You?

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Scanner Fur Elise

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One of the Coolest things ever.


Gack!! it won't let me embed the google video player!! Why the snark not?!

So, instead we get Linky Goodness.

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Jack Ripper was Right

Good Lord, Gen. Jack Ripper would have loved this article in Today's WSJ: "Government Panel Raises Concern About Fluoride."

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Money Maker??

Oooo ooo! I think that I just hit upon a money making idea!! Really!! One that I could theoretically pull off too! far as I know no-one has done it yet... hmnnn...

I'm off to search the web, write my notes, and see about generating a business plan...


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